Weekly Workforce Development Skills: Preparing for an Interview


June 24, 2024

Providence House staff continues to build our resident’s workforce development skills. Last week, we focused on completing a job application. This week, we will learn skills for preparing for an interview. This language is used when interacting with residents this week. 

Topic: Preparing for an Interview
A job interview is an important step in finding a job. Most companies get many resumes and applications for job openings. They have to screen many applicants and decide who would be best for their company: Getting a job interview is a positive step toward getting a job. It is a chance for you to convince the company to hire you.

Before the Interview
Making a good impression is important at an interview That is why you must prepare. Good preparation can be the difference between getting an offer and missing out on a job. Research the job and the company. Read the job description carefully to understand the job requirements and job duties. Think about how your skills and experience would be useful. Learn about the company and make sure you know the products or services they offer. Prepare answers to common interview questions. Hiring managers often ask about a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. They also ask why someone wants the job or is leaving a current job. Think about your answers ahead of time.

At the Interview
Arrive a few minutes early for your interview. Dress neatly and appropriately. This means no jeans or T-shirts, even if the office is casual. Bring extra copies of your resume as well as paper and a pen for taking notes. Shake hands with the people you meet. Smile and make eye contact with the people you talk to. An interview is not a job offer. You must show the employer how you would be valuable to the company. Show interest by asking questions about the position and the company. Those questions can be pre-planned as well.

After the Interview
Ask about next steps and when the company will make a decision. Take the business card of each person who interviewed you. Then follow up with a thank-you note to each of them. In your note, you can add details that show how you could contribute to the company. This extra effort oftentimes sets you apart from other applicants.


Residents are encouraged to schedule an appointment with our workforce development team before each interview to get personalized support tailored to the person and the position. Staff will share mistakes they have made in interviews and how to avoid those mistakes.


Workforce Development at Providence House is open to its residents and the community as a whole. Have questions? Contact Dr. Whittney Polley, Director of Education at 318-221-7887 or wpolley@theprovidencehouse.com.