Weekly Workforce Development Skills: Effective Writing

April 1, 2024

We continue to build our residents’ WFD skills. Last week, we focused on eliminating bad habits. This week, we learn skills for effective writing. This language is being used campus-wide during interactions with our residents all week. The team at Providence House is committed to helping residents strengthen their WFD skills, one lesson and one week at a time.


Topic: Effective Writing

• Outline. Create an outline for your writing that helps you organize your thoughts. Be sure to include all of the important points in the best order.

Know your audience. Write in a polite and courteous tone. Use words that your audience can relate to and will understand. Include information that is important for them to know.

Start strong. Begin your writing with a strong opening. It should be informative and include something to catch your audience’s attention.

• Be concise. Keep your writing as short as you can. Avoid long explanations that repeat information. Get your ideas across with as few words as possible.

• Beware of grammar. Be sure you use correct grammar, spelling, and word choice. If you’re not sure, use programs and applications that will help. (Grammarly is a great, free option.)

Proofread. After you have finished your writing, read it again to find ways to improve it. Delete anything that is unnecessary. Correct any errors.

Read it aloud. One way to find mistakes is to read the communication aloud.


These writing strategies help our residents (and staff) strengthen their writing skills. Strong, professional writing helps us effectively communicate our thoughts, ideas, and opinions – both in the workplace and in our personal lives.


Questions about the Workforce Development program at Providence House? Contact Dr. Whittney Polley, Director of Education at 318-221-7887 or wpolley@theprovidencehouse.com.