Weekly Workforce Development Skills: Eliminating Bad Habits

March 25, 2024

Providence House continues to build our resident’s workforce development skills. Last week, the focus was on initiative and motivation. This week, we learn skills to eliminate bad habits. Staff is using this language in their interactions with residents this week. These lessons can be easily incorporated into workplaces, schools, and even at home.

Topic: Eliminating Bad Habits

• Identify. The first step to eliminating bad habits is recognizing them. You will have to be self-aware to see the habits you need to change.

• Prevent. Once you recognize your bad habits, find ways to avoid repeating them.

• Create a system. Everyone is different. Find a system that works for you to help you change your bad habits into good ones.

• Remind. Find a way to remind yourself not to do your bad habits. You can write notes to yourself and put them where you will see them. Or you can set an alarm on your phone to remind you of better habits.

• Reward. Motivate yourself to change a bad habit by rewarding yourself when you replace the behavior with a better habit. Promise yourself a snack, a break, or your favorite coffee when you are happy with the way you act.

• Ask for help. Often other people can see our bad habits before we can. Ask others to help you identify and eliminate bad habits. Remember that they are helping you, so listen to the feedback they give you.

• Replace. A bad habit probably occurs in the same situation over and over. Decide ahead of time on a new behavior to replace that habit. Then, when the time comes, you will know how to act.

• Be consistent. Most importantly, try to be aware of the bad habit every time you do it. Replace the habit with a better one every time you can. Soon your bad habits will become good ones!


Building better habits helps with everyday stress and productivity. We get more done and feel better when we have good habits.

Questions about the Workforce Development program at Providence House? Contact Dr. Whittney Polley, Director of Education at 318-221-7887 or wpolley@theprovidencehouse.com.