Providence House Names Room after the Krewe of Atlas in New Donation Program

SHREVEPORT, La – Providence House named one of their residential rooms after the Krewe of Atlas for their efforts in collecting items to renovate a space for one of the nonprofit’s homeless families on August21,2020.

The donation comes on the heels of a new program that Providence House has created where individuals, groups and organizations can collect a list of items that will create a safe, nurturing environment for families. To thank donors for this significant contribution, Providence House will be naming each room after any group that chooses to contribute to it. Due to the generous donations by the Krewe of Atlas, Providence House will officially name the room “The Krewe of Atlas Room” from the time of renovation through December 2021.

The Krewe of Atlas, a local Mardi Gras Krewe, reached out to Providence House to learn how they could help the homeless shelter in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. When the Krewe’s social events were canceled due to coronavirus, the group shifted their efforts to community service; specifically, they wanted to support Providence House.


“Rooms should be a safe haven and a new start for families. A fresh, happy and vibrant space is the beginning of a new life for moms, dads and children. Our families need a nurturing space to heal and grow,” says Director of Shelter Operations, Wendy Bristo, who has been with the agency for more than ten years.

Providence House is especially grateful to all members of the Krewe of Atlas who contributed: David and Elizabeth Sims, Dana Favrot and LeaAnn Breen, Ray and Davey Pilar-Pearson, John and Bitsy Smith, Chris and Theresa Miller, Ruth Grafton, Jennifer King, Karen Barnes, and Shelton Snow.

The Krewe of Atlas renovated a residential room at Providence Houseon August 21, 2020. For more information orif you are interested in renovating a room at Providence House, please contact Millie Flowers, Director of Marketing and Community Engagement, at (318) 221-7887 or




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