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“The Return on Your Investment”

Percentages vary slightly from year to year, but Louisiana typically ranks at or near the top of the list of states when measuring poverty rates, food insecurities, and low income wages. This combination of factors often contributes to the causes of homelessness. Since its inception in 1988, Providence House has consistently been able to change the outcome for struggling families.

In 2022, Providence House served 412 people, housed 161 families, provided almost 13,000 nights of lodging, and served over nearly 20,000 meals. Grants aimed at homelessness prevention allowed the organization to help nearly 200 families with utility, rental, or mortgage assistance.

Seventy-eight cents ($0.78) of every dollar ($1.00) contributed to Providence House is used to support families and programs.

Power of $25

Your monthly gift can provide food, clothing, housing, education, and support that can forever transform the lives of families in need.