Leslie Cooper

Leslie says life was overwhelming. 11 years ago, she divorced her husband due to domestic violence. Since that time she had received no child support to help her raise her children. She was working full-time at Target as a cashier. However, she and her two children Joshua and Katlyn were evicted from their home because there just wasn’t enough money. She called Providence House at the suggestion of her pastor.

She admits that it was difficult to follow all the rules and learn how to be an adult. Now she is able to make decisions, and feel good about them. Providence House helped her learn to budget and when to ask for help.

Her case manager says she is a great mother, determined to succeed and will never give up trying.

Leslie continues to work full-time at Target and has received an increase in salary since coming to Providence House. She plans to continue to pay off her debts and someday to buy a home.