Community Donations Give Our Residents a Christmas to Remember

The winter holidays are a time when most families come together to celebrate and rejoice. While the majority of families in our community spend their time attending holiday parties, last minute Christmas shopping, or hosting relatives from out of town, others struggle to make ends meet in order to give their family a Christmas they so badly want. At Providence House, we see those families every day. However, this holiday season, our community was one to brag on! Together, our community and local donors gave our families, more importantly our children, the Christmas they’ve always wanted. 

Our Adopt a Family Program kicked off in late November where businesses and families in the Shreveport-Bossier area were able to “Adopt” one or more of our families for Christmas. These donors would receive a Providence House family’s “wish list”, then would provide what they could for that family from the list given. All of our families were adopted out before the middle of December, and almost all of our residents received their entire wish list and more! 


The amount of holiday giving this year by our community truly warmed our hearts. Starting around mid-November, the donations were already rolling in. Aside from our Adopt a Family Program, over 20 different groups from all over northwest Louisiana contributed through donations in order to give our residents a happy and successful holiday season. Brand new toys, supplies, complete holiday meal kits, and much more were among the donations this year. From church youth groups and women’s golf clubs all the way to local credit unions, we saw it all. Words cannot express how grateful we are! 


We thank everyone who took the time and effort to donate to Providence House! Thank you for all of your wonderful donations and giving our residents a wonderful holiday to remember!



If you did not get a chance to donate in 2019, you can still make a difference to a family in need by clicking here!